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“We bridge the digital technology divide amongst minorities to build stronger communities. GEMZ also collaborates and helps 501c3 nonprofits access Free and affordable resources, sponsorships, grants and technology available to help them grow their cause and make a difference in their communities!”


About GEMZ Community Development Corporation

GEMZ is a non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of men, women, minorities, Latino/hispanic, veterans in community. The major focus is in the areas of technology, entrepreneurship, forward thinking marketing career skills training through the use of Tech Innovation, workshops, accelerator programs and education.

In working with many different organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals we have had the opportunity to show other #differencemakers, #nonprofits #entrepreneurs/business owners how to not only succeed in growing their business and organizations but also access major free resources that are available to make impact in our communities.

We firmly believe that by empowering this underserved community with the technological skills they require we can close the education and economic gaps which are all too prevalent in our communities. Our goal is to collaborate and work together with other nonprofits, entrepreneurs, business owners to provide community impact and transformation thru the equitable distribution of tech tools, training, free resource information, grants, programs and workshops.

GEMZ community development corp. is here to offer upward economic mobility to this diverse group of individuals, nonprofits, entrepreneurs/business owners by enhancing their skills sets with the tools, resources, information and trainings necessary for all of us to make a difference in all of our communities!!

We have helped many organizations access/secure over $150k per year in Free Marketing Grants, Sponsorships and funding to grow and get their cause known in the last 18 months.

GEMZ Jackie Posada Hess

About Jackie

GEMZ founding member Jackie Posada’s career has been in the marketing, business development and sales for over 25 years. She has lived in Charlotte since the age of 9 and has seen the tremendous growth and changes that Charlotte has seen. She graduated from U.N.C.C with a degree in business administration and Criminal Justice. Her passion in helping others and giving back to her community began when she worked in Corporate America where she volunteered with the Community Reinvestment departments to work with the Hispanic community in teaching financial literacy, banking and business ownership.

She left the corporate world over 15 years to raise her kids and become an entrepreneur. Jackie has spent those years being an online/offline entrepreneur Small business owner, Nonprofit Consultant and helping others. She has been and is heavily involved with helping the Latino, minority, entrepreneur/business community start, grow businesses and nonprofits as well by maximizing the free and affordable resources to succeed and also be able to give back to their communities and ignite a passion for not only their success but in helping others succeed!! Jackie spends a lot of time with her team researching to find resources, information, funding and learning the newest and most effective ways to grow a business, succeed in your career while also being a difference maker and making impact in community.

She has facilitated marketing bilingual trainings for Building Contractors, local small businesses, entrepreneurs, as well as nonprofit organizations. GEMZ has facilitated several panel discussions in conjunction with Tech Talent South in the last year to bring awareness of the major digital Tech divide here in our community as well.

Jackie is married and has 3 children Christian her twins Gabriela and Jaclyn. Her biggest supporter and hero is her Papi (Jose) who is 80 and healthy, her Mami (Maria Wither) passed away at the age of 71 in 2014. Her parents are one of the many reason why she wants to make an impact in community and help others so she can leave the legacy that they started when they brought their family here to the USA for a better life and opportunity over 35 years ago from Colombia South America!


GEMZ Jarrisha Fibonacci

About Jarrisha

GEMZ Founding member Jarrisha Fibonacci, a Foundation for the Carolinas, CHASF Scholar Alumni has worked behind the scenes for the past 20 years helping minorities and women in underprivileged communities secure employment start up businesses and nonprofits, as well as grant writing for real estate beautification projects. Ms. Fibonacci, studied Business Administration at Livingstone College and graduated from King’s College with a Degree in Medical Assisting. She is currently a public officer commissioned by the State of North Carolina as Notary Public. She holds a Peer Support Specialists certification from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Ms. Fibonacci, also holds OSHA certification and over the years has work with businesses in conjuction with Piedmont Triad Regional’s Weatherization Program to assist elderly homeowner’s with LEAD SAFE renovations to their homes. She has assisted several private investors in investing in underdeveloped communities in North Carolina, South Carolina and Washington, D.C. She holds an array of business knowledge and strategy for successful community development projects.

Something you may find interesting: Jarrisha Fibonacci is a multi-talented individual- an author, music producer, vocalist and songwriter. She enjoys writing sound scores for movies and plays along with creating commercial jingles for businesses. She recently has collaborated with North Carolina and South Carolina playwright’s to include Sulondia Hammond’s “Salon Drama” whose play won placement and two awards in the Atlanta Black Theater Festival.

Jarrisha Fibonacci has facilitated panel discussions sponsored by Tech Talent South on “Bridging the Digital Technology Divide Amongst Minority Communities”. The focus is bringing community awareness of the importance of minorities understanding that technology will guide society and businesses in the 21st century and how being prepared will help minorities and women compete competently in all business industries for equal employment and equal pay.

Ms. Fibonacci, has worked with several small business owners to “Whiteboard” and improve their marketing strategies to grow their client base, create products and services, and accelerate their profits. She also worked in alliance with small businesses and community organizations to secure grant funding for youth, elderly, disabled persons and veterans. She currently focuses on creating marketing campaigns to help businesses and nonprofits scale for growth and profitability.

Jarrisha Fibonacci has three sons that she adores. Emmanuel, Zacchaeus and Josiah.

Our Goals

GEMZ Community Development Corporation We realize there is an economic disparity in communities among minorities, veterans, women and GEMZ goal is to bridge the gap between our target population along with everyone else in these communities. GEMZ collaboration with other Nonprofits, Entrepreneurs/Business owners in working together to make a difference, impact community and offering programs, trainings, events to help give the participants the competitive edge and skill set needed to excel in this new edge of technology.
On a National Level we help Nonprofit Organizations gain access to 100’s of Free Sponsorship/funding opportunities as well as access a 10k per month online marketing grant to grow and show case their organizations mission, needs and opportunities. We also offer complete training and facilitation of High Ticket Fundraising Opportunities, Raffles and Much More. Have A Cause Or Nonprofit That Needs Immediate Funding ? We Can Help RAISE FUNDS FOR THEM NOW!!! ASK US HOW?




Join us in improving the lives of minority women and youth throughout the community! Please enter the amount you wish to donate, and thank you, for your support!

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GEMZ is looking for Volunteers for many opportunities within our Organization from event help, speakers, administrative and marketing to help us grow and assist us in making a difference in the community.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

GEMZ goal of closing the minority successful career and entrepreneurship gap in our local community as well as US wide can be realized with a detailed and concrete strategy. GEMZ Community Development will need concerned

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