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Women,Veterans Minorities,Latinos/Hispanic,Youth Communities

– GEMZ takes pride in Expanding Women, Minorities and Youth Economic Opportunities. Our projects expand opportunities for our targeted audiences through education, career based marketable skills training, advance tools and entrepreneurship.

– Our Passion is to Empower minority women, latinos and youth to succeed using entrepreneurial and business technology solutions to start and grow sustainable businesses that offer economic stability in urban and underprivileged communities.

– GEMZ provides the knowledge and skills to earn an income lift themselves and their families from any negative situation they maybe in.

– We offer innovative technology methods to provide women, minorities and youth with vocational training to break into higher employment sectors and or start their own business.

– We also encourage stability, resilience and the capacity to build better lives.By providing networking opportunities, mentoring, access to information and business management training. We help rebuild confidence so that they become leaders in their community.

– One of GEMZ commitments in the communities we serve is to transform lives through evidence-based programs that focus on expanding women and minorities economic opportunities, increasing expanded opportunities for entrepreneurship, education and employment.