1. Other Nonprofit Organizations- We also specialize in helping grassroots nonprofit organizations receive exposure using social media and technology outlets for high visibility to promote their cause specifically with $10k per month grant program to pay for ads to get your nonprofit more exposure.



  1. Community Difference Makers- Potential sponsors available seeking local businesses to help serve our community based initiatives to help bridge the digital divide in minority communities.


  1. Volunteer- What if you could Plug into a community of people that enjoys collaboration and making a difference?Do you want to impact your community with social change by collaborating and volunteering with GEMZ CDC to help bridge the digital divide in minority communities for equal representation in all business industries?

    Are you ready to volunteer your expertise and serve in community by helping minority families have access to technology to take care of their families?

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could merge and collaborate to create networking opportunities that make a difference in our community?


We are GEMZ CDC, and those are questions we used to ask as well.

Just imagine if you had that ability to VOLUNTEER AND CREATE SOCIAL CHANGE IN YOUR COMMUNITY, what would you do? How would that instantly change your life and community for the better?


GEMZ CDC has an awesome collaborative effort in the nonprofit community and is a perfect fit for anyone seeking opportunities to volunteer for social change to give back and collaborate in community.

This is your opportunity to Plug into a community of people that enjoys collaboration and making a difference.

Our volunteers and partners are telling their friends, family members, and business associates about results; what happened next shocked me.

Let us show you how you can volunteer and receive mentorship to start your own grassroots nonprofit 501c3 initiative and learn while you serve our community.